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Ignite Faith Conference 2018




Montrose Pavilion




Faith, Hope, Healing, Freedom




Life Church Montrose is a place where we come together as part of a family. When you are missing we really miss you. You are ‘known’ here and loved, not overlooked. We want this church to be a rock and safe place for you. We want you to feel comfortable to just be you. We also want you challenged to grow into a deeper walk with our Lord Jesus. You will be loved, comforted, respected, and safe in this place.


Sunday Service 10:30 AM


Thursday Nite Live 7 PM

Bible study and open discussion on current events from a faith-based perspective


16367 S Townsend #8

Montrose CO 81403

Life Church


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Teach God’s word simply and clearly so people can understand it and apply it to their life.

Why? The only way to life & health is through God’s word. People are desperate for answers. God has them.

Raise up Spiritual Champions.

Why? The problems we face today all have a supernatural root. The spiritual world is far more real than the natural. Jesus died for us to become like Him and to destroy the works of the enemy.

Heal the sick.

Why? Disease is everywhere you look. More time and money are spent fighting sickness than anything, yet its not getting better. Jesus died and gave us the cure. We must lead people to the Healer.